Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Things collected three years ago...

Part of this little project was inspired by a tiny art venture I did about three years ago when I lived in Mill Creek in Chapel Hill. I took my polaroid around with me for a week and took photos of close up details of places that I frequented. I pushpinned my six favourite photos from the batch on my wall in two rows of three in what I thought was most aesthetically pleasing arrangement based on their visual elements. I kept them up in the other places I've lived since, and my plan was to continue to take these kinds of photos in places I lived and spent a lot of time so that I could save those details and remember what they meant to me at the time, rather than what they mean to me now.

In all honesty, I don't think much about the power cord attached to the neon Cosmic Cantina sign that haphazardly hangs over a wood beam or why the Schoolkids logo is a fish or what they are trying to say by having so many worlds painted on the side of Syd's, where I used to get my haircut regularly and would always forget that they only accepted cash or checks and I would always have to leave my license and go withdraw money and come back to pay. But I have these little pieces of the world from three years ago collected in my oh-so-satisfying stack of polaroids to remind me.

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